Hostler's Corner

Clinton Bell

My name is Clinton Bell.  I have created the Hostler's Corner so that I can randomly create content for this website that is specifically interesting to me.  My family and I have been associated with the Reader Railroad in one way or another since 1979.  I started this web site, so I chose the name "Hostlers Corner" because a "hostler" was typically charged with starting/preparing a steam locomotive for normal operations, and delivering it to the hot track to await it's crew. See the official definition below.

To start off with I just want to share some personal pictures of interest with you.  Thanks for your interest in Hostler's corner and the Reader Railroad. 

Documents from Reader Railroad No. 11

Example!   More to come... Form 4...Engine specs...

Seam On 3rd course.  Very Large!

Baldwin Locomotive Works.
    cover page
    Details of Construction p.1
    Details of Construction p.2
    Details of Construction p.3
    Details of Construction p.4
    Details of Construction p.5 Tender
    Supplement to Specification NO. C-8980

    Specification Card for Locomotive No. 11  (Form 4)
    Page 2

    Seam Drawings 1st and 2nd course
    Seam Drawing High Res 3rd course

Long Distributing Company.
    Reader Railroad No 11 Operating Data Feb 1968

Hostlers Word of the time!


Ferro- meaning iron plus equine- meaning horse give one who studies iron horses, i.e., a railfan.


Rail Terms


A person who operates engines in engine house territory and works under the direction of the engine house foreman (inside hostler). Some railroads created outside hostlers after a limited exam, who could deliver engines anywhere in the terminal.


A brakeman or switch-tender - someone who throws switches.